Report Says Popular Indian Firms Might Lose $25 Billion Brand Value.

he ongoing pandemic has resulted in many fields and sectors facing severe losses and the experts are terming the current situation as the worst crisis ever. The crisis left many Indian brands to witness huge losses.

A recent report of Brand Finance has found out that as many as 100 most valuable firms that belong to India might witness a huge loss of $25 billion which translates to 2 lakh crores in Indian currency.

The report also stated that the Tata Group is the only Indian firm that continued to be the most valuable brand of India which broke the $20 billion brand value mark. This is the first time the group reached the value mark which showed a growth of 2.3percent. LIC and Reliance Industries are in the next spots with 10.7 and 25.2 in brand value growth.

On the other hand, luxury hotel chain Taj retained as the strongest brand of India. The hotel chain also belongs to the Tata group.

Looking at the global scenario the brand value of 500 most valued brands might fell by a striking $1 trillion with the deadly outbreak of the ongoing pandemic. This translates to Rs 75 lakh crores in Indian currency.
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