I Won't Speak About The Issue: Balakrishna

The infamous row between Balakrishna Nagababu which went through many twists and turns took an ugly path as the fans and supporters of both sides are indulging in a war of words.

As the latest development, Balakrishna gave an interview to a youtube channel the other day and responding to Nagababu's demand of apologizing to the Telangana government and the Film Industry he said he won't do so.

Balayay went on to say that, "I won't respond to this issue and he(Nagababu) is talking about this issue and let him speak. I won't respond to such issues. Why would I bother when the majority of the industry is supporting me".

On the other hand, directors started to support Balakrishna. Director Teja openly supported Balayya, while Dashing Director Puri posted a cryptic post comparing Balakrishna to the lion. He even took a jive of Nagababu's social media post.
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