122 Positive Cases Reported Under The GHMC Area

In what it could be a shocker, 122 fresh cases of the dreaded virus were reported within GHMC which marks the highest surge of positive cases in a single-day day raising many fears and concerns about the spread of the virus.

Talking about the other districts, Rangareddy and Medchal reported 40 and 10 fresh cases respectively in the past 24 hours. These new cases were reported after easing the lockout measures.

The total toll of the positive cases in the state reached 2698 and so far 1428 patients managed to recover from the dreaded virus while the active cases stood at 1188.

What's even shocking is that 43 fresh cases were reported in the Pahad Shareef area and all of the cases belong to family members of five families from the locality. Following this, the authorities have declared the area as a hotspot of the virus.

The data revealed by the authorities state that, so far 192 people who came from other states were infected with the virus, while 30 International passengers developed positive symptoms of the virus.
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