The US Suffers From The Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic continues to trouble the United States as the total fatalities in the nation in connection with the virus stood at 1,04,356 with the 595 fresh fatalities reported.

On the other hand, the United States is also the wost-affected nation in the world with the virus, as the country tops the list with 18,37,170 positive cases. So far 5,99,867 people recovered from the virus.

New York turned out as the hotspot of the virus as more than 3.6 lakh positive cases and 29,289 fatalities were reported in connection with the dreaded virus.

Talking about the worldwide scenario, the toll of the total cases stood at 5,934,936, while 367,166 lives were claimed to the pandemic.

Brazil(501,985) and Russia(405,843) bagged the second and third places respectively with the virus followed by the US. UK, Spain, Italy, and India are in the next places on the list of most cases.
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