Andhra Pradesh Says No To Interstate Travel

Following the starting of the fifth phase of lockout aka  Lockout 5.0, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Centre gave some relaxations to the states in addition to the existing relaxations.

The Centre also permitted Interstate travel between the states, However, the Centre maintained that interstate travel will be based on the mutual consent from the states and Union Territories and it's their call to allow the vehicles or not.

Following the rise of the positive cases in the state, Andhra Pradesh came with new restrictions on Interstate travel and as a result, people coming from other states will be sent to lazaretto based on the cases in the state they are coming from.

Andhra Pradesh DGP Goutam Sawang addressed the media in this regard and said that till the further decision these conditions continue to apply. The DGP went on to say that for emergencies, passes can be obtained from Spandana portals to entre the state.

As per the new restrictions, people who come from states with fewer cases will have to be in-home lazaretto while those who come from higher cases should have to Institutional lazaretto and if they test negative they will have to be in-house lazaretto and if they test positive for the virus they will be shifted to the hospital accordingly.
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