Vijayawada Group Fight Happened Between TDP And Janasena?

A serious weapon fight took place in Patamata of Vijayawada where one died and several counterparts were badly injured and admitted to hospital. Initially, it was a dispute between two persons turned into a rivalry between two groups.

Soon the issue happened, the opposition party in AP, TDP social media have tried to project that fight happened between YSRCP groups.

 However, later it was revealed that deceased person Sandeep belongs to TDP and rival group leader Pandu belongs to Janasena party.

Two groups of young men thrashed each other with sticks, stones and even knives in a street brawl in broad daylight. Also, they were drunk at the time of the incident, the police said.

Police investigation revealed that the settlement regarding an apartment in Yanamalakuduru led two groups to fight each other.

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