Masks Turn Into Fashion Statements

One interesting thing about the current pandemic is that the face masks, intended to control the spread of the pandemic, have turned into style statements. Masks have morphed from protective gear to fashion fetishes.

More and more fashion designers are now trying to come out with designer masks to match the colour of the dresses worn. Fashionistas ranging from Masaba Gupta, daughter of Vivian Richards and Nina Gupta, to Ritu Kumar are coming up with specially designed masks. Several style icons have begun using them to make a fashion splurge. Already a large number of East Asians wear masks in public. This trend started in Japan towards the end of the first world war. It is now common for the people of Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and others to wear masks while they are out in public.

In several major cities across the country, provision of customised masks has developed into a brand business. Online orders are flooding the market and some special masks dyed in medicated solutions like Aloe Vera are becoming common. So, mask no longer is a health protection requirement. It is a fashion accessory.
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