See Who Is Happy At The Return Of Rahul Gandhi!!

The Bharatiya Janata Party is very happy these days. And why is it so happy? It is because Rahul Gandhi is back at the helm of the affairs. Though he has not back as the AICC chief and his mom Sonia Gandhi is officially the head of the party, Rahul Gandhi is back to the limelight.

He is tweeting more often and is speaking as many times as possible. This is great news for the BJP. It can again lampoon Rahul Gandhi's comments and tweets. It can again reactivate its troll machinery to make memes and ridicule the young boss. Ever since he went into self-imposed exile and handed over reins to Sonia Gandhi, the BJP did not find a suitable person to attack. Attacking Sonia Gandhi could actually boomerang on the BJP as she is unwell. It could get sympathy for her and her party. So, the BJP kept silent all these days. Now that Rahul Gandhi is back, the BJP is laughing all the way.

During the last one week, the BJP has fielded the likes of Prakash Jawadekar, Ravi Shankar Prasad and Smriti Irani to take on Rahul Gandhi. The BJP has also brought out a booklet to rebut the points that Rahul Gandhi is seeking to raise.
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