When High Command Stopped Congress Online Meets?

It's not just Telangana Congress, which is riven by rank groupism and internal bickering. The Congress seems to be bitten by this bug all across the country. If one leader wants to do something, all others would pull him down.  The result? The party remains in as-is-where-is condition.

Take the case of Congress strongman from Uttar Pradesh, Jitin Prasada. He was once a strong leader in UP and called the shots. But now with the Congress unable to win even Amethi, he is a poor shadow of his former self.  During the lockdown, he began conducting digital meetings of the party workers. These meetings became a hit and more and more Congress leaders joined these meetings. Soon, the party rivals began complaining about Jitin Prasada taking things into his hands. The high command has asked him to discontinue the meetings saying that the UP Congress unit will organise the meetings.

Now, Jitin Prasad has stopped conducting the digital online meetings. The state Congress has not begun holding the meetings. The end result is that what little was being done so far has been successfully scuttled and things are back to square one.
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