Sonu Sood's Phone Buzzing For Help

Noted Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has done his bit to better the situation in this corona crisis. He has already donated money towards Corona charity.The actor has gone ahead to provide accommodation for all the Doctors and Health workers of Maharashtra in his Juhu hotel.

Not only that Sonu Sood arranged buses for safe travel of migrant labourers to their homes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh from Mumbai.

Recently the actor with the help of his friend Neeti Goel has airlifted 177 women labourers who worked in a textile mill that was closed due to lockdown.

As soon as the news of their suffering reached Sonu Sood he took all the permissions from Central and State governments and airlifted them through a separate air asia flight to Orissa Airport and then sent them through roadway in buses.

This self less actor is standing by his promise as he said that he will not leave any migrant worker stranding on the road helpless to reach their home.

Now, a video of his phone that's flooded with whatsApp messages for help is going viral on social media. It is evident that he along with his friends formed a team and had a toll free number that connects to Sonu Sood team and Sonu Sood WhatsApp. His team filters every call and message and helps them to reach their home safe.

Not only politicians and actors every citizen of the country is praising the relentless work and service of Sonu Sood.
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