Whose Dates Are Going To Be The Bigger Issue?

Films usually run by the face value of star heroes and they are very crucial for every industry. The writers and directors make films revolving around them which is why they unofficially rule the industry.

On the other hand, heroines are very busy as one in form actress works on at least 3 films at a time. That is why they juggle between the sets a lot. But all of them were confined to their homes from the last few months and with government giving permission to start the shootings again, dates and schedules are going to be the biggest issue. But whose dates?

Talk in the industry is that heroes and heroines are not the problem but the dates of character artists and comedians are going to be the biggest issue. Comedians like Vennela Kishore are part of a lot of films and adjusting his dates is going to be a tough task as most of the filmmakers want to complete their films as soon as a possible and make it ready for release.

Not just Kishore but other character artists like Murali Sharma, Rao Ramesh, Sampath and few others who are part of every film these days need to sort out this issue as quickly as possible.
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