Mahesh Babu's Film To Get An OTT Release!

The last few months have been very tough on the film industry as none of the films got released. With theatres getting shut down, our filmmakers are finding other ways to recover their investments. Most of the small and medium films are opting for OTT releases. The latest we hear is that Mahesh Babu's upcoming release is going to be on the digital platform.

Mahesh Babu's hit film 'Maharshi' which released in 2018 was earlier planned to have a release in Tamil as 'Rishi'. But due to unexpected turn of events, the buyers changed their plans and decided to either go for an OTT release or a Youtube release.

Though this may be a good option to get back their money, a Mahesh Babu's film having an OTT release is definitely below his stardom and standards. Fans are feeling the same and expressing their concern over social media but there is nothing that can be done more at this point in time.
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