Trailer Talk: RGV Takes A Dig At KCR & Jagan In His 'Coronavirus' Trailer!

The entire film industry was shut down from the past few months. But that did not stop maverick director Ram Gopal Varma from coming up with his usual crazy stuff. He released the trailer of 'CLIMAX' starring Mia Malkova a few days ago and he is back again with the trailer of 'Coronavirus'.

The trailer looked quite dark and moody. It revolves around a family where a young girl is seen suffering with fever, cough and typical corona symptoms. The entire family is seen panicking about the virus spreading. Varma's taking reminded of us his horror films with suspenseful background scores. The entire plot looks quite silly with no content at all but the end of the trailer is what packs the punch.

At the very end Varma includes the voices of Telangana CM KCR and Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan from the press meets when they said that Corona can be wiped away with Paracetamol tablets and bleaching powder. Varma surely knows how to poke famous personalities and create controversies so that he can publicize his films.

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