Telangana Farmer Successfully Cultivates Apples

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekar Rao, aka KCR who strictly ordered the farmers in the state to grow diverse crops succeeded in the process as the state witnessed Apples grown in the state.

Going into details, Kendre Balaki a tribal farmer who is from Asifabad successfully managed to grow apples in his farm, and with this successful attempt he also busted the myth that cold temperatures are the best climate to grow apples.

The farmer who found out that Himachal Pardesh cultivates a particular kind of apples in 40 degrees climate brought 10 plants of the special variety and he was also provided with required support from the state horticulture department.

The horticulture department sent 300 HR 99 plants for the farmer as part of the assistance provided to him and the technical support required for him was taken care of by the Cellular and Molecular Biology

As his attempt became successful and the apples were ready completely, the farmer sent a box full of apples cultivated by him to the Horticulture department and asked the department to make sure the apples reach CM KCR.

Reportedly KCR felt very happy with the state grown apples and expressed his desire to meet the farmer personally to congratulate him who won the best farmer award in the year 2017.
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