Major Throwback Of Rana And Ram Charan Goes Viral

During these lockdown days, throwback pictures of celebrities have become the flavour of the season and one such pic of Rana, Ram Charan, and Tarun is going viral on social media.

In the picture, Rana and Ram Charan are seen posing with actor Tharun. This was a major throwback shared by Rana over years ago.

"A throw back into many centuries ago or at least feels like it. I have no memory of this at all…#Charan #Tarun," Rana wrote.

By looking at the picture one may get surprised as the stars transformed unimaginably. When we compare throwback picture with present one's we may feel like times have changed and we're updated to trend. The teen boys Rana, Charan and Tharun have undergone a huge transformation and turned macho now.
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