Tollywood Awaits The Biggest Multi-starer Film Ever Made!

The upcoming film in the waiting for approval from stars Chiranjeevi and Bala Krishna can be said as the biggest multi-starer of these days. In Tollywood, Multi-starers are very rare unlike the Bollywood where it is very common! Here the actors and directors think twice to be a part of the multi-starer. The reason is simple-The fans and their attitude towards their favourite star's role in the multi-starer.

The producer Subbarami Reddy is trying to make it work this time with the help if great writers Paruchuri Brothers. Earlier he announced a multi-starer with Chiranjeevi and  Pawan Kalyan in the direction of Trivikram but that didn't go on the floors and everyone forgot about it but the latest news about Balayya and Chiru combo is just curious!

Both the stars have managed the fan wars between them and stood as wellwishers if each other over the years. Many fans opined that In Hollywood Films like Superman and Spiderman come only if two stars join together. We wanted to see the same in Tollywood and thus hoping  for a muti-starer film post the magnum opus Bahubali series.

Fans are further curious to see who would direct this film and wished that the director should be capable of dealing both the stars. Moreover, the two actors share great respect for each other  off the field and never show their tantrums of coming from a big traditional families which would make the job of balancing them as stars as comfortable.

In this era of social media, even a small role fetches good recognition and fan wars are mostly among the rural fans who are rarely fighting these days. Is there anything that Rajamouli can't handle? No. Not at all, after all his track record proves it! 
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