Reason Behind Rakul's Perfect Shape

Being in the film industry is not so easier. It takes all the efforts to stay fit and keep that needed physique. Mainly, heroines need to be attractive and perfect in shape to get film offers and to hold the stardom. The one heroine who acknowledged this fact is Rakul Preet Singh or else even after about 10 years in the industry she wouldn’t have maintained this demand.

Fitness to fun games, Rakul has been doing everything to beat the quarantine blues. In her latest lockdown workout video, the sultry actress posted the Surya Namskaras which took away her fans by utter shock. The reason for is the actress went on to do 108 Surya namaskars.

"This lockdown has pushed me to do 108 Surya namaskars atleast 2-3 times a week and The feeling post practice is indescribable #sunsalutation helps you build inner and outer strength , create mind body balance and churns every organ of your body to release toxins," she wrote with the video. So, you got the tip behind Rakul's toned physique.

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