This Is Suresh babu's Take On OTT Platforms As A Replacement!

Suresh Babu is one of the biggest producers in Tollywood. Not just in production but he has a good grip on the theatres business too. There were reports that he got into a deal with Netflix to produce some direct to OTT films and series.

He says that OTT platforms may not be a replacement to the theatrical releases but they are definitely a good source of monetization in the current times. There is a lot of discussion going around about films whose releases are delayed. Many OTT platforms are approaching them with fancy offers which looks like a good deal but it effects the theatre business.

People in Tollywood are still hesitant but Bollywood and Kollywood are already going ahead with this idea and started releasing films directly on platforms like Prime Video, Netflix and others.

The veteran producer added that film industry comes with more than 150 releases every year and not all films can be brought by the digital platforms. He claims that the best option is releasing films in theatres. He says that the big-budget films cannot recover its entire money through OTT platforms and they need a theatrical release.

He told, 'These are unprecedented times and we need to take a calculated approach. No one should quarrel with each other.'
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