CBSE Issues Guidelines For Teenagers On Cybersafety

The 'Bois locker room' issue has created a sensation in the country where boys who were in their teenage created a group on Instagram and discussed the private parts of girls.

Following this, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) came up with some guidelines that deal with the do's and don't's about the 'Revenge Porn'.

Along with the guidelines, the CBSE also issued a handbook on Cyber Safety for teenagers especially for students who are studying  9th to 12th standards as they are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The CBSE went on today that boys should know how to interact with the girls and respect them. Girls should not be treated just like objects and they too have feelings and interests.

The guidelines also speak about Consent in the relationships and the intimate Pictures, Videos shared should not be shared on social media without seeking permission of the person who shared these.
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