Pic Talk: Passengers At Hyderabad Airport After Resuming Flights

With the lockdown enforced in the country, the aviation industry has been shut down completely. No passenger flights were allowed to fly in the country, except freight and emergency flights.

Now, with the government's directions, the planes have started their operations across the country except in a couple of states.

The first flight that took off from Hyderabad airport is Trujet carrying a limited of 12 passengers to Vidyanagar. In the picture, we can see the security arrangements and social distancing measures taken by the authorities.

The entrance of the airport which usually has a lot of vehicles is turned to the travellers seating area, and we can see many benches arranged for passengers. Due to the restrictions, the vehicles are not being allowed to the entrance. All the passengers are screened thoroughly and if anyone found with Covid symptoms they will be taking to paid quarantines or home quarantines.
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