A Costly Fight Scene Gone Wrong In A Star Hero Film!

Usually, there are a lot of expectations on a star hero film. If the film is from a star hero who is making his return after a brief sabbatical, the hype and expectations are even more which is why the producers spend lavishly on the film.

Apparently, the makers of a big star hero film picturized a big fight scene for the film which cost them a lot. Sources say that the fight scene was made with a huge budget of around one crore. The team was confident about the sequence while filming it and it reportedly looked good while looking at the rushes.

But the scene came out very badly when the team saw it on the editing table as per the grapevine. Talk from the editing room is that the scene did not meet the expectations and some even say that it went completely haywire. Even with a lot of editing effort, the sequence looked very pale as per insiders. The star producer is devastated by this and doesn't know what to do know. They are still yet to decide whether to keep this fight or chop it off from the final cut. Let us wait and see how this remake turns out.
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