India Becomes The 10th Hotspot Of Virus In The World

The novel virus originated from the Wuhan Province of China has spread to around 200 nations across the globe left more than 5.4 people infected with the virus claiming 3,45,000 lives globally.

The United States continues to be the worst-affected nation in the world due to the virus, while India became the 10th worst-affected nation in the world raising many fears and concerns about the spread of the virus.

The situation in India turned out from bad to worse as India is the fourth nation in the world in terms of reporting fresh cases, while America, Brazil, and Russia are the top three nations to report fresh cases.

US(1,673,806) Brazil (352,523)Russia (344,481) Spain (282,370)UK (259,559)Italy (229,858)France (182,469)Germany (180,153)Turkey (155,686)India (138,474) are the top ten nations with the most number of positive cases which are declared as the hotposts of the virus.

Talking about India Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka West-Bengal are the worst-affected states in the country in terms of positive cases and these states report around 80% of total cases in India.
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