Interesting Update on Kaithi Remake

Bollywood is on a remake spree and especially down South movie remakes are just sky-rocketing in Bollywood. Bollywood's Mega production house Reliance Entertainment has bought the remake rights of 'Kaithi' the Tamil blockbuster.

It is evident that Bollywood start hero Ajay Devgn is all set to reprise the roles of Karthi in the Bollywood remake.

The makers thought to go for regular shoot in October and thus release the film on Feb 12 but now due to crisis time all the works got pending and thus they are looking to start the movie by December at least and are planning a Summer to Monsoon release next year.

Ajay Devgn's another film Maidaan a biopic also got stalled due to the crisis time and thus all his projects are deferred to another dates. The star has scored the biggest hit this year 'Taanaji':The Unsung Warrior. It is also the biggest money maker of his career.
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