Minister Says 4 Vaccines For The Virus Might Enter India Soon

Ever since the ongoing pandemic outbreak started many researchers across the world are trying hard to produce a potential vaccine that can cure the dreaded virus which left more than 5.4 million infected.

In the wake of the tough situations, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has come up with a piece of good news that, as much as four vaccines of the 14 candidate vaccines for the pandemic in India might enter the clinical trial stage momentarily

The Minister recently interacted with BJP leader G.V.L Narasimha Rao on social media and made these sensational comments and said that in around five months, four vaccine candidates might enter the trial level.

The Minister added that the Department of Biotechnology of the Ministry of Science and Technology played a significant role in being very close to the clinical trial stage of the vaccine.

He went on to say that they are just close to the clinical trial stage and it will take some more time to produce a potential vaccine to combat the spread of the virus and added that the process involves a long time.
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