Another Governor picks up fight with State Government

After Bengal and Puducherry, another governor is now seeking a face-off with the state government. Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari has asked the state government to delink his office from the General Administration Department (GAD). This inter alia means that the Governor's office will function independent of the State Government's GAD.

The GAD will not be able to appoint the people of its choice to the Raj Bhavan. If this is done, the GAD cannot keep a tab on the happenings in the Raj Bhavan. There would be no "molls" passing on information to the ruling combine of the goings on in the Raj Bhavan. This will give a say to the Governor in the appointments, transfers and other service related issues in the Raj Bhavan. No wonder, the Shiv Sena led Government has strongly opposed this proposal and said that there is no question of giving in to this demand.

The governor is justifying his demand. He says that there are over 200 employees in the Raj Bhavan and every file has to go to the GAD, which is taking inordinately long time to clear the file. Due to this there are delays in the whole process. The Governor feels that devolution is important to ensure the effective functioning in the Raj Bhavan. But this issue is proving to be a ticklish one and is promising to blow out of proportion.
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