Why Telangana Congress Leaders Are Upset With Khuntia?

The senior leaders in Telangana Congress are very livid at Telangana party affairs incharge Ramachandra Khuntia. They feel that he is not just ineffectual, but is even injurious to the party in the state. They are of the opinion that he is out to hand over the party to outsiders and opportunists, ignoring long-time loyalists.

The reason for their anger is the news that RC Khuntia has prepared a list of 17 top leaders in the party and forwarded them as probable PCC chiefs for Telangana. Almost everyone aspiring for the top post finds his name. So far so good. But, there's one problem. In the list, Khuntia has also listed the disadvantages and negatives of each aspirant, except one. Against the name of this leader, who has recently joined the party and is quite young, no negatives have been mentioned. This clearly is a recommendation that he should be made the PCC chief, these leaders feel. How can the party be handed over to rank outsiders with little experience in the Congress, is their question.

Meanwhile, there are reports that RC Khuntia would be replaced as the Telangana party affairs incharge. This only means that his recommendation would be accepted and he would be sent to some other place to avoid friction with those denied the PCC chief post. The seniors are now trying to reach the High Command to put out their version of the story.
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