Why has Uttam become suddenly active?

Why has Uttam Kumar Reddy, who kept a low profile after his wife lost the election from the family burrough of Huzurnagar, suddenly become active. These days one sees him issuing statements, rebutting criticism and even taking to the agitational mode. He has once again begun making noises.

The reason, sources who track the Congress Party, say that stems from the assurance he got from the Congress High Command. Uttam had completed his term and offered to step down after the dismal performance of the party after the Assembly election. However, the party asked him to stay put till the Lok Sabha elections. Later, the Huzurnagar bypoll happened and his wife lost the election badly. He had once again expressed his willingness to resign. Since then, there has been a mad rush within the Telangana Congress over who should be the next TPCC chief. Everyone from VH to Revanth Reddy wanted to become TPCC chief.  Unable to decide on Uttam’s successor, the high command used Corona as an alibi to defer appointment of new PCC chief. Now the High Command has asked Uttam to continue till the GHMC elections are over. This means, he would be the PCC chief till at least the end of the year.

This sure has dampened the spirits of the PCC chief post aspirants in the party. Many are ruing in private about the High Command's decision.  They feel that why should Uttam be given an extension especially after he has proven himself to be ineffectual.
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