Is Modi's Swadeshi magic working?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's gamble of "Go Vocal for Local" slogan seems to be catching up. More and more companies are flaunting their Swadeshi roots proudly and arre invoking Swadeshi spirit. Interestingly, even the MNCs are trying to trace their Indian roots and are going round the town to tell about their close links to India.

For instance, the Parle's latest advertisements have promoted its flagship product Parle – G as "Bharat Ka Apna Biscuit" (India's own biscuit).  Even Bata, which is originally a Czech company and is now headquartered in Switzerland, is claiming that it is serving India since 1931. What more? It is saying that it is part of India's self reliance story. Dabur, a quintessential Swadeshi company formed during the British era, has once again began promoting its Swadeshi roots, while ITC too is trying to go vocal for local.

Thus, there is a sudden interest among the customers to know whether the products are made locally or whether they are made outside India. The sales of local products have suddenly picked up pace ever since Modi made a pitch for local products. The local manufacturers obviously are happy. Even MNCs are adjusting their sales and are talking about Indianness to entice the buyers.
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