What is Nagababu's master plan?

What is Mega Brother Nagababu upto? Of late, his statements are stirring up controversies and he seems to be enjoying every bit of it. What more, there seems to be no stopping for him. Even after the Nathuram Godse tweet, he has not backed off nor expressed regret.

What more, he has followed it up with another statement questioning as to why only Gandhi's image should be on the currency notes and why not other freedom fighters. The latest tweet is about the TTD board's decisi to sell of the properties of the Tirumala temple. He said the TTD is meant to protect the assets of the Lord not to sell of the properties. Please take back the decision to sell of TTD asssets and do not hurt the sentiments of the Hindus, he tweeted.  What is interesting is neither Chiru nor Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan are commenting on this. None of the mega family supporters are opposing this.

Those in the know say that there is more to it than meets the eye in the whole episode. While Nagababu never hid his pro-Hindu feelings, he has for the first ever time taken up cudgels on controversial and serious issues. Who is behind Naga Babu's tweets, is the big question now. Sources say he is being manipulated by a political party that has lost power recently and is trying to rake up religious passions to win back support of the voters.
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