Mega Star Dares Corona To Start Filming ASAP!

Earlier there were rumours that the senior actors who are 60 years already are said to be fearing the Corona pandemic as they have deal with crew closely while makeup and in the intimate scenes too which cannot be canned with the physical distance and so called measures. Moreover, stars do not want to risk themselves and their families as of now!

Production houses that are filming with senior actors like Chiranjeevi Nagarjuna, Venkatesh and Balakrishna are trying hard to procure safety measures on the film sets which are all set to resume anytime soon!

To shut the rumour mills, Megastar Chiranjeevi himself is going to be the one to participate in the shoot of his next highly anticipated film 'Aacharya'. It is said that the director of the film Koratala Siva is preparing the tight schedule of the film that starts on June 15 and the Mega unit is just waiting for the Telangana Govt. to ease the rules.

Megastar is all in the modd to cash in on the Sankranthi season as the RRR got postponed to Summer. The unit has to strive very hard to make ends meet and then only they can have a Sankranthi blast!

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