Kitchen Problem For Sonia Gandhi

Corona has created very peculiar problem for Congress president Sonia Gandhi. She does not have a cook now at her 10 Janpath residence. Her family cook has gone to her native place due to the shutdown and could not return. So, 10 Janpath is now going without a cook.

To save the blues, Rahul Gandh's official residence, however, has a cook. So, sources say that food on many an occasion is being sent from his home to 10 Janpath. Rahul Gandhi lives separately in 12, Tughlaq Lane, which is not far away from the Janpath. So, food is being sent from there. On days, when the arrangement fails to work, a senior Congress woman worker is said to be aiding Sonia Gandhi by cooking for her. Despite not having a permanent cook, Sonia Gandhi's official residence is having several attendants and guests, who are eating there.

Interestingly, Sonia Gandhi is said to be not interested in getting a replacement for the old cook. It's not out of any special love for the cook, but she is said to be worried about the adverse media publicity that it could get. The media might even say that the woman cook has tested positive and was hence removed. So, afraid of all these, she is preferring to have a stop-gap arrangement.
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