Pranitha Lends A Helping Hand To Auto-drivers!

Gorgeous lady Pranitha Subhash has been helping the poor a lot from the past few months. She provided food and other supplies to the needy through her foundation. Her social service has been appreciated by everyone on social media.

Now, she is seen helping the auto-drivers in Bengaluru city. The government has given permission for people to travel in autos in the Bengaluru. Pranitha recently took to twitter and posted a video that shows the work she & her team did to help people maintain safety and cleanliness.

She wrote, "Autos have started plying in the city & it's very imp to maintain good hygiene. Transp Sheets to separate the customer & auto drivers is a must. Thought we can provide this to 100+ drivers along with a bottle of chemical to sanitise handles and interiors of the auto b/w customers."

Her helping nature is bringing her a lot of admirers and hope she keeps up the good work and help people in whatever way she can.
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