Funny Chat Of Mega Heroes On Twitter!

Ever since Rana announced his marriage, the other younger heroes came into the spotlight and questions about their marriage becoming louder every day. Recently, Sai Dharam Tej took to twitter and posted a screenshot of Youtube video with the thumbnail which says Nagababu is planning for the weddings of Varun Tej and Niharika.

The supreme hero tagged Varun Tej asked, 'Enti bava neeku pellanta?'. He asked Varun if he is truly getting married or not. Replying to Sai Dharam Tej, Varun wrote that there is still a very long time for that but others like Nithiin and Rana cheated them and suddenly left the singles group.

This funny banter on Twitter between the Mega cousins is going viral and fans are surely enjoying it. Both Sai Tej and Varun Tej are past their thirties and leading a bachelor's life. They are doing good in their career with successive hits. So, let us wait and see when will these heroes get married.
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