Centre Says Lockout Saved More Than 70,000 Lives

In the wake of the spread of the dreaded virus in India, the Centre led by PM Modi imposed lockout in the third week of March which went on getting postponed, which has now entered the fourth phase.

In this period of time teh farmers, daily wage workers, and the middle-class people faced severe loss with the lockout. Now the Centre is looking at ways to back the idea of the lockout.

Dr. Paul, NITI Aayog member said that, if the lockout was not imposed in India around 14-29 lakhs of people might have got infected with the virus and between 37,000-78,000 might have succumbed to the dreaded virus.

Talking about the spread of the virus he said that as of the 3rd of April, the rate of new cases was 22.6% and within one day the percent of new cases stood at 5.5 % and added that with imposing the lockout on the 25th of April, they successfully stopped the spread of the virus.

The Niti Aayog member called for a press briefing which was held to explain the situations which might have resulted in the country if the lockout was not imposed in India. The senior officer of the Ministry of Statistics, Praveen Srivatsava was also present at the briefing.

"Two independent economists have estimated that we have averted 23 lakh cases and 68,000 deaths. According to some retired scientists about 15.9 lakh cases and 51,000 deaths have been avoided, my ministry worked with Indian Statistical Institute and found 20 lakh cases were averted,"  Praveen Srivastava, a senior officer with the Ministry of Statistics said while presenting the data at the press briefing.
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