India To Face Worst Situation In August?

In what it be a shocker, India reported 6,654 positive cases of the dreaded virus in the past 24 hours which marks the highest single-day cases in the country ever since the pandemic hit India.

With this, the toll of the positive cases in India stood at 1,25,101, while 3,720 succumbed to the virus in the country so far. India turned out as the 12 worst-affected nation in the world.

In the wake of this tough situation, Dr. Faheem Younus Chief of Infectious Diseases at the University of Maryland who conducted research on the impact of the pandemic on various countries made some sensational predictions.

The survey did by Dr. Faheem Younus predicted that by the 4th of August India might witness 34,155 fatalities. As of now, India reported 3,720 fatalities and the doctor's predictions appear to be true the fatalities will get increased by around 1000%.

On the other hand, the ongoing pandemic will also show its impact on Pakistan and by the same 4th of August 5,332 will lose their lives to the fatal virus. This survey raised many questions on the virus.

If more than 34,000 fatalities will be claimed, how many positive cases will India report by August, and how the situations will turn in the country?
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