Photostory: Manjula's Funny Comment On Mahesh's Click!

Superstar Mahesh Babu is a complete family man who loves his wife and kids. Even during the time of busy shootings, he often finds time to go on vacation with his family. Now with no shootings from the past few months, Mahesh Babu is happily staying at home and playing with his kids and having a great time.

Either Mahesh or Namrata is continuously posting photos and videos to excite the fans. Mahesh is looking too young in these clicks. Recently Namrata shared a picture of Mahesh in the swimming pool and fans got pretty excited as they got to see Mahesh shirtless for the first time from the front. This picture got a lot of likes on Instagram.

Mahesh Babu posted a picture of himself and his son Gautham together and asked people who is taller. While it is obviously Mahesh, the funniest reply came from Mahesh's sister Manjula. She wrote, 'I think Gautham is taller. At 13, you were not even close to his height.'

This way, Manjula sarcastically pulled the leg of brother suggesting that Gautham will be even taller than Mahesh in the future. What do you think? Will Gautham grow taller than Mahesh Babu?   

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