This Politician Changes Parties, Caste Suffixes Too

We know chameleon changes its colours to merge into the background. It does this so effectively that the people term turncoat politicians as chameleons. And this sobriquet has stuck ever since. But, here Is one politician who would teach a lesson or two to chameleon in changing colours.

We are talking about this politician called Yamini Sarma. Wondering who this woman is? Well, she used to be popular in the past regime of the TDP in Andhra Pradesh and went by the name Yamini Sadineni. As long as she was in the TDP, this spunky young politico used the surname of her husband for obvious reasons. Now, she has left the TDP and has joined the BJP. Soon after joining the BJP, she is now becoming member of various official and unofficial Whatsapp groups of the party. In several Whatsapp groups, she is introducing herself as Yamini Sarma and not as Yamini Sadineni. Does she think that the BJP Is a party of the Brahmins?

Sadineni Yamini was the TDP spokesperson for years and is a well-known face in the media circles. A surefire eyeball-grabber, she made hay while the TDP sun shown. Soon after the defeat of the TDP, she joined the BJP. There's of course nothing wrong in changing parties. Many people do it. But, this politico has even changed her name after defecting to the BJP.
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