No Signs Of Pandemic In This Pretty Indian Island

The whole country is reeling under the impact of the pandemic and every day fresh cases are being registered in thousands. The tally too is shooting up exponentially. Amid this pandemic pandemonium, there is one island of tranquility, where not even a single positive case has been registered so far. This island is free from the scourge.

We are talking about Lakshadweep off Kerala coast. This group of islands in the Arabian Sea has not reported even a single pandemic case in the last three months. All the 64000 people in Lakshadweep have been tested and no outsider is allowed into the island. The Lakshadweep administration has used the 11 uninhabited islands for creating quarantine facilities. Suspected people have been kept in these islands for some time and are quarantined. There has not been a single positive case.

While the whole country is worrying about the spread of the pandemic, this small little group of islands is feeling very safe and secure. Interestingly, both Nagaland and Sikkim too have not reported even a single case so far.
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