BJP Leaders Feel This National Leader Is Unbearable

This story is about a young national leader of the BJP. The BJP leaders in Andhra Pradesh are mortally afraid of this leader's tour to their district. They want him not to come to their district as it is very difficult to meet his demands.

This leader from Mumbai is known to be a master strategist credited with achieving victory in states where the BJP did not even have a minimal presence. But, the problem with him these days is that he comes with his team. The team comprises two personal secretaries, an incharge for handling Facebook and Twitter accounts of the leader and another incharge for preparing daily notes and uploading photographs. So, one has to make arrangements for five people. Not just that, every morning, this leader does elaborate pooja for which specific material is needed and it should be fresh and ready by 6 AM. The pooja will go on for two hours. In the afternoon, non-vegetarian food is mandatory. To add to it, he decides where to stay at night. To fulfill his ever growing demands is becoming too much of a task for the party leaders.

'His visit would mean spending close to 20 lakh per day. This is unbearable an amount considering the fact that we are not in power in AP,' says a middle level BJP leader on condition of anonymity.
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