India Reported the Highest Surge of Positive Cases

The dreaded virus originated from the Wuhan Province of China continues to spread its deadly wings as India reported the biggest surge of positive cases of the virus so far.

In the past 24 hours, more than 6,600 cases were reported which takes the total toll of the positive cases in the country 125,101. For few days India continued to report more than 5k cases.

Talking about the fatalities, 137 lives were claimed in the past 24 hours which takes the total fatalities in India to 3,720. Out of the 137, fatalities, 63lives were claimed from Maharashtra alone.

On the other hand, Maharashtra also witnessed the highest spike of positive cases as around 3,000 new cases of the virus which is the highest for any state in India. The cases in Maharashtra stood at 44,582.

Tamil Nadu and Delhi bagged the next top places with 14,753 and 12,319 cases respectively. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi reported around 60% of the total cases.
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