Will Dil Raju Launch This Star Daughter In Tollywood?

The ace producer in Tollywood, Dil Raju is never questioned for his Script judgement skills. The producer has tasted so many big successes in the Telugu Film Industry and thus made his name a big brand!

 Mean while he is currently remaking the Bollywood 'Pink' as 'Vakeel Saab' starring Pawan Kalyan which is in doldrums of the lockdown . Telugu Film Nagar sources say that Dil Raju is keen to launch the Bollywood beauty Jhanvi Kapoor in Hollywood.

Boney Kapoor whovis producing Vakeel Saab along with Raju has bonded well and asked Raju to launch his daughter with a great project.

Now Dil Raju is planning to announce the launch news in the audio launch of Vakeel Saab this making it even bigger in the Power star film celebrations. Let's see if everything works out as planned!
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