Tickets In Domestic Flights To Cost You A Bomb

As the nationwide lockout imposed in India entered the fourth phase the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Centre announced some relaxations and as part of that the Domestic Flights will resume its operations.

Despite giving persimmon, the Centre also asked the flight carriers to make sure that the passengers follow social distancing and wear medical masks as a measure to fight the virus.

Citing that the carriers might increase the fares of the flight rockets, the Centre has fixed the fares of the tickets and the ticket fares were divided into seven sectors.

With the new changes in the ticket fares, the cheapest ticket for the domestic flight will be costing Rs 2,000 in India and the expensive domestic flight will cost Rs 18,600.

The domestic flights will resume its operations from the 25th of May which were restricted to airports for more than two months with lockout imposed in India in the third week of March.
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