Photostory: Varma Social Distancing For Mia Malkova During Shooting!

People survive on food and water but maverick director Ram Gopal Varma survives on controversies and attention. He never leaves a chance to grab the media's attention. He recently released the teaser and son from his upcoming film 'Climax' starring Mia Malkova.

Going by the steamy teaser, Varma went all out to present porn star Mia Malkova in the spiciest way possible. He posted a behind the scenes photo on his Instagram where he and the actress are seen sitting in the middle of the desert while discussing the scene.

He wrote, "Maintaining Social Distance in CLIMAX and discussing a shot with @mia malkova." The makes a lot of funny and sarcastic remarks that we are unable to understand whether this is a funny statement from this eccentric director or a direct one. What do you think?
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