Corona Crisis Charity Aims 12000 Cine Workers

The Megastar of Tollywood, Chiranjeevi on his own came forward and started the novel charity Organization- Corona Crisis Charity. This brain child of Chiranjeevi aims at providing essential commodities to the needy daily wagers in Tollywood. There is Directors Association President N Shankar helping Chiranjeevi in framing the plans of the Organization.

Now, Chiranjeevi has announced that the Corona Crisis Charity has identified almost 12,000 cine workers who are in difficulty to feed themselves in the lockdown. The CCC members have given them the daily essential supply kits. In this hour, Chiranjeevi said that he would seek the help of his Industrialist friends to contribute to the charity of CCC as there are many chances of continuing the lockdown he said.

Chiranjeevi has thanked all the actors and actresses who have contributed to the Corona Crisis Charity as per their levels. Chiru is the one who voluntarily stalled the shooting of his film Aacharya much before others leading the way as Megastar in this Corona crisis days!

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