This Is What Modi Is Saying About Post-Corona Life

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated that the Corona lockdown may after all be not lifted on April 14. In a meeting with the leaders of various political parties in Parliament, the Prime Minister has given enough indications that the lockdown could be continued for some more time.

He has also said that several parties and leaders are of the opinion that the Lockdown should be extended. The PM had conducted this meeting through video conferencing. Interestingly, most political parties have backed the idea of continuing the lockdown. Only a handful of political parties have opposed the lockdown. But, Modi told the political leaders that the life would be very different after the Corona lockdown is lifted. He said the society has to make lot of adjustments in the post-corona period. He said that the work culture of the country needs to change and that there could be more emphasis on work from home.. He said the saving the life of the Indian people was the top most priority for the government.

Meanwhile the Opposition thanks the Prime Minister for organising the all-party meet and assured to extend all support to the government.
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