Why Every Country Is After India These Days?

Why is the whole world, including is after India? Why everyone wants India's cooperation in combating Corona? Why even the US is requesting India to help?

One reason is that everyone wants hydroxyl chloroquine, the malaria control drug that India produces in bulk quantities. In fact, India is the largest producer of the anti-malarial drug. Why is India the biggest producer? It is because the drug is very cheap and the drug producers don't really get profits. But, in India, the drug is produced in large quantities for the malaria control. India is now the world's largest producer of the Hydroxy chloroquine. All the major countries are after this medicine now.  Countries like Italy, US and others are after India.

India produces up to 4 tonnes of hydroxyl chloroquine every month. Now the production has been increased to 10 tonnes per month. So, India has enough quantities for local uses as well as for export.
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