Cell Towers Destroyed Fearing COVID Spread

Whenever any deadly virus or diseases erupts many rumors and speculations will also be circulated along with that like some drinking habits and eating habits will increase the chances of getting the virus.

Now its the turn of cell towers of 5G network to face the wrath of the people who believe that the deadly COVID-19 virus is spread by the cell towers. Following this, 10 5G cell towers were destroyed in the UK based on false information circulated in social media.

The UK is the second most nation affected by the virus in terms of the positive case just next to the US. Despite the lockdown, the positive case in the UK is not coming down which is quite scary.

On top of that, people destroying the cell towers creating problems for the cell signals are adding salt to the wounds for the country. The videos of people destroying the cell towers went viral of social media.

While some people are finding fault with that, some others are backing them that in the wake of the virus spreading to many nations people got scared and they are taken for a ride by people who spread such false news.
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