Pic Talk: Eesha Gupta Doing Some Bone Breaking Yoga At Home!

Dusky siren Eesha Gupta might not be a star actress in Bollywood but she is definitely one of the most fine-looking and glamorous girls present in the North. There is a lot of hard work and effort that goes into maintaining such a perfect figure.

With the outbreak of Corona, everybody got confined to their homes and here is what Eesha Gupta is doing in this free time. She resorted to some tough and challenging yoga at home to stay fit and healthy. Eesha often posts her hot pictures, fitness regime and daily routine but these pictures are somewhat special. She is bending her body like spring as Eesha is seen standing on one leg and leaning forward with a namaskar pose.

In another picture, she lifted her leg high and locked it with her hand from the bag. This way, the 'Ek Baar' girl is shocking everyone with her agile body and tough yoga poses.
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