Amid COVID-19 In What Stage India Is Now?

Even before PM Narendra Modi imposed the lockdown, the Telangana government had put several restrictions across the state. The government said that 21 days of lockdown can prevent the coronavirus, but the idea of extending the lockdown is planting many doubts for the people. Now the only question from people is, In which stage India is fighting against the virus?

Compared to the western countries, the COVID-19 effect is less in India. So far, nearly 6000 cases are registered in the country. The only thing that gives relief is the death rate in the country. Developed country like America is reportedly having lakhs of cases and thousands of deaths.

Somehow, we got success in breaking the chain of transmission. Till now, the cases registered in the country are from the foreign returns, and the local transmission is very less, which is good news. Some analysts says that we are in stage 2, and some say that we are in stage 3. By deeply analysing the cases in the country, we can say that we are in stage 2.

So, to prevent the virus from reaching the stage 3 is only by maintaining the social distance and staying in the houses. Apart from this, nothing can save the people from this deadly virus.
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