Salman Starts Transferring Money to Cini Workers

In the view of lockdown, many celebrities have come forward to help the daily wage workers in the film industry. Earlier Bollywood Star Salman Khan had pledged financial support for 25,000 Cini workers. Sticking to his announcement, Salman has transferred Rs 3000 in each account, starting Tuesday.

According to FWICE President B N Tiwari, Salman has made an initial payment of Rs 3,000 each to the daily wage workers of the film industry.

B N Tiwari said that he had given Salman the final list of 23,000 workers so far, who are on need of financial help. Salman will be transferring the money in instalments as he doesn't want people to misuse it.

Tiwari also said, Salman, will transfer money again after some period till the completion of the lockdown period. He thanked Salman for helping the workers when they are in dire need of financial support.
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